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Shows potential, but your moral shouldn't be slammed like that, they work better if you have to figure them out for yourself.

Also - the action seemed like a really bad serial drama fight scene where the people are waiting for each other to act... try to find ways for the hero to do well other than the enemies incompetence.

Shrinkz responds:

thanks...uh...i think.

Good Job

I usually don't like sprite movies but this one kept me watching somehow. Would have been better with voice overs and that wolverine slice effect could have been much better. Generally entertaining though - can't wait to see what you make as your skills improve!

Pretty Cool

Too short, but I guess I should watch the earlier ones now this one has impressed me. Also: the voices were a little too quiet. Good stuff, nice effects.

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Pretty Decent

Needs some serious polish, and the RPG style fighting sucked, click a button whenever your bar fills up... not very exciting is it?

Otherwise, a half decent attempt with some good drawing POTENTIAL shown in there. More thought into making the next game fun througout and you should have a winner.

little-ricky-boy responds:

Yeah, the fighting is really bad. It was much worse before then, I only recently thought of upgrading it and never got very far with it. But, I'm sorry, did you say good drawing? Did you not see every drawing I did? Thanks for reviewing though.


Very smooth animation, and great graphics. Can't really build on other people's comments besides saying that the Health and MP indicators were counter productive - shame that bit of bad design snook through.

In the off chance you don't know what I'm talking about you had a layout of HP then MP with numeric values then the MP bar and HP bar directly underneath right? HP bar should have been on the top. I found that really awkward.

It's different at least.

Yeah, it's not realistic but then again it is kind of fun. The plane thing is pretty difficult though and doesn't really reflect dating at all. Plus it wasn't obvious to me (until losing a few times) what each of the icons meant.

The graphics were pretty decent though, but poser models all look the same to me now.

Regarding the sound, was there any besides the looped music? I didn't get far because it tested my patience after 20 minutes of failiure - I can't handle having to repeat the same phases over and over again.

Liked it though, it was a refreshing change to the other dating sims.

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lalalalalalalala ooh ohh uuhh

Took me a few times to realise, but this or the lalalallala oooh oooh uh furby song on ebaumsworld is taking the piss... it's one or the other, either this is a techno remix of a crazy tune, or something.

It's crazy, check it out, you'll recognise

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